This page contains details of pay scales for Agenda for Change staff working in Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland in 2023/24.

What is the 2023/24 pay rise in Northern Ireland this year and when will it be paid?

The Northern Ireland Executive has offered a pay rise of 5% for 2023/24, plus a £1,505 one off (and non-consolidated) payment.

Unions are now expected to ballot their members on this pay offer.

Assuming it is accepted, pay will be backdated to April 2023, which will likely mean a significant payout in the month it is paid.

Because of the need to ballot, it is unlikely that the payment will be made before June or possibly May 2024.

In Northern Ireland, unlike in other parts of the UK, the pay rise in 2023 was significantly delayed. This meant that 2023/24 salaries were frozen at the same rate as the previous year – in 2022/23. As a result, a number of strikes took place in Northern Ireland.

A new Executive was formed in February 2024 and, on 15th February, Michelle O’Neill announced that £688 million had been allocated to “deliver a fair ay award for public sector workers.” She added that ministers would “work to ensure it gets into the pockets of workers and families as quickly as possible.”

NHS / HSC Northern Ireland Pay Bands 2023/24

The table below lists pay at each band for 2023 / 24 as it stands currently. If a pay rise is implemented in 2023/24, we will update this table to include updated figures.

In addition to annual pay rises, staff in bands 3 and above receive either one or two pay increments. The table includes shows what your basic pay would be in each band during each year of service in that band.

Band0-1 years1-2 years2-3 years3-4 years4-5 years5+ years
Agenda for Change pay scales in Northern Ireland 2023 / 24

The table above only includes basic pay and does not include any addition payments, for example overtime or on-call payments.

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