This page details expected taxable income of self-employed dental contractors as well as the national NHS pay scale of employed dentists (salaried dentists, dental consultants and dental trainees) in the UK.

Self employed contractor dentists pay

Qualified dentists working in the UK are mostly self-employed contractors. They do not have a set pay scale, and instead provide services for the NHS. After their expenses, their taxable income can vary.

NHS Digital publishes the average taxable income (ie, their income after all expenses) for 2020/21, broken down across the four nations of the UK. This income is from a mix of NHS dental work and private dental work.

Northern Ireland£65,100£72,500

Trainee Dentist Salary

All newly qualified dentists who want to work in or for the NHS have to undertake formal training and complete at least the one year dental foundation training. Those who want to train further go on to undertake dental core training and specialty training (for those on oral or maxillofacial surgery training programmes).

The base salary in 2022/23 for a foundation year dental trainee is £34,728. Dental core trainees basic salary ranges from £40,257 to £51,017 for a 40 hour work week. Dental specialty trainees can further increase their basic salary to £58.398.

In 2022/23 dental trainees received a pay rise of 2%, in line with junior doctors pay rises.

Foundation YearFY1£34,728
Dental Core TrainingCT1-2£40,257
Dental Core TrainingCT3£51,017
Dental Specialty TrainingST1-5£51,017
Dental Specialty TrainingST6-8£58,398
Dental trainee pay scale 2022/23

A range of additional payments and premiums are available, including for additional hours, and for working nights, weekends and being on call.

Salaried Dentists Pay Scale 2022/23

Salaried dentists working for the NHS are employed on the nationally negotiated Terms and Conditions for Salaried Primary Dental Staff (2008).

The pay scales are amended every year, often based on recommendations from the Doctors and Dentists Review Body (DDRB).

For 2022/23, pay ranges from £44,955 to £96,155, and is broken down into three bands as follows:

A £44,955
A £49,950
A £57,443
A £61,189
A £64,935
A £67,433
B £69,930
B £72,428
B £76,174
B £78,047
B £79,920
B £81,793
C £83,666
C £86,164
C £88,661
C £91,159
C £93,656
C £96,154
Salaried dentist pay scale 2022/23

Consultant Dentist Pay Scales 2022/23

Dental Consultants are paid the same as their equivalent medical consultants, and in line with their medical colleagues, dental consultant pay was increased by 4.5% in 2022/23.

Salary depends on whether a dental consultant is on the 2003 contract, or the pre-2003 contract.

For the pre-2003 contract, dental consultants pay is as follows:

Pre-2003 contract dental consultant pay scale 2022/23

Dental consultants on the 2003 contract are paid according to the following pay scale:

2003 contract dental consultant pay scale 2022/23

Consultants are also entitled to clinical excellence awards, which increase as follows:

Level 1£3,016
Level 2£6,032
Level 3£9,048
Level 4£12,064
Level 5£15,080
Level 6£18,096
Level 7£24,128
Level 8£30,160
Level 9 or bronze£36,192
Level 10 or silver£47,582
Level 11 or gold£59,477
Level 12 or platinum£77,320

Full details of employed and trainee NHS dentist pay scales can be found in the relevant pay circular on the NHS Employers website.

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